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Festival Jazzinty is focusing on Slovenian and international music scenes, which are the platforms Jazzinty “invested” in through the workshop in its 22 year-long history. The production in year 2023 is focusing on folk music in modern times. This music sounds fresh, creative and represents a milestone in the history of jazz. The fusion of jazz and folk music brings the music to the audiences and represents today, the year 2023.

Jazzinty 2023 catchphrase is “past=future”.

Monday, August 14th 2023

20.00 @ ploščad KCJT 


Fuensanta is a singer, double bassist, composer, improviser & multidisciplinary artist born in the water forest of Veracruz [Mexico] and based in Amsterdam. Her music holds rare and simple poetry to help open a sincere & surreal vision over the things in the world. Fuensanta’s debut studio EP ‘Principio del Fuego’ co-produced with Louis Cole was released this June through NYC label from Snarky Puppy GroundUp Music. She is currently artist in residency at BIMHUIS.


Fuensanta Mendez – vocals, double bass


21.00 @ ploščad KCJT 


VIRA. Bold, passionate, zealous. Upstanding. Yet soft, fragile, among feathery clouds and dreams of home. And with all that, heartfelt. VIRA is an aesthetic of mysticism.

The expression of a vocal-percussive collective grows out of the poetry, stories, and chants of southern Slavic traditions and their daily routines – one that has seemingly been lost already as well as one that has not. But one was certainly lost in Nina’s daily routine in the far north, where she had lived for many years, where familiar experiences and sounds had suddenly become so loud that she couldn’t help but hear them again. It was at that moment that a new little world was born, full of softness, screams, primal tone, babbling, foreign lands, melodies, and poetry. A world so full that it was ready to burst. A world, looking for a home where it could finally stretch out on the parquet floor, melt into the ground…

Vocally refined poetry rises into a cluster of primal energy through the power of hypnotically rhythmic percussion that meets mellow mysticism with a hint of our common southern Slavic ancestors on the other side. VIRA invites you through the changes of the present only to return you to the past, to a moment that is well known, yet profoundly new.

With its move to Slovenia, VIRA has slowly but surely begun to take shape. In a collective of highly acclaimed musicians and wonderful people who recognised her little world, Nina’s sonic touch to a mystic ancient journey of Southern Slavic cultures and their heritage has manifested itself in her original musical opus and poetry.


Nina Virant- vocals, keyboards, author of compositions, poetry, and leader of the project

Veronika Kumar – vocals, live electronics

Gard Nilssen – drums, percussion

Guest: Ilaria Forciniti – vocals


Tuesday, August 15th 2023

20.00 @ ploščad KCJT 


Conservatory for music and ballet Ljubljana is one of the most import educational institutions for young musicians in Slovenia. As a result of our cooperation, we feature ensembles consisting of talented musicians from the Conservatory at our festival, showing our audiences that the youth is our future.


Vasja Caharija – bass

Aljoša Kavčič – piano

Tijan Grašič – drums

Luka Debelić – guitar

Ian Miklavčič – guitar

Ian Pirc – saxophone


21.00 @ ploščad KCJT


THE MOUNTAINS ROARED is a result of researching the Slovenian folk music, mythology and going deeper into the question of Slovenian identity. The title originates from a folk song, which Kristijan sang with his family at his young age. He remembers these times with nostalgia, which is the theme of the lyrics of the song and mixed with sadness, that people don’t sing as much as they did in the past. The author’s idea is to re-compose the music from any given element, which seemed interesting: the hoarse voices from 100-year-old recordings, untempered intonation with quarter-tones, stories hidden in song lyrics, mystical rituals of indigenous Slovenians. In some songs, the melody remained untampered and, in some songs, the only thing left was the main atmosphere of the song. When you approach folk music as a composer, you always ask yourself: »Why? «; why change, take away or add something that is so full by itself? He found the answer in his approach to life, which works like a mirror for his music. Like Kristijan’s late professor Ralph Peterson Jr. said: »The only way to know who we are is to look into the past with one eye and look into the future with the other. « These 2 references give meaning to the present: the roots of our ancestors and the creativity of our way into the future. The folklore is a live being, which is constantly changing by generations and increases in value, if we know how to make sense of it through our own personal kaleidoscope. The meaning slowly but surely starts to convert into singing again.

Let the singing become full of sparkle into the light.


Kristijan Krajnčan – cello, drums, percussion, effects

Wednesday, August 16th 2023

20.00 @ ploščad KCJT


Winner of the 2023 Jazzon Composition Award and her/his ensemble.


Matic Štemberger – piano

Peter Smrdel – double bass

Žiga Smrdel – drums


21.00 @ ploščad KCJT 


A unique and exclusive concert of 4 virtuosos and the most sought-after musicians on the contemporary jazz music scene. The Brazilian guitar virtuoso Pedro Martins, the American master of synthesizers Jason Lindner, the incredible Swiss drummer Arthur Hnatek and the Greek bass guitar virtuoso Panagiotis Andreou will deliver an unforgettable music experience. A performance of original music and improvisations. A unique and once in a lifetime lineup and an exclusive opportunity to see them live.


Pedro Martins – guitar

Jason Lindner – keyboards

Arthur Hnatek – drums

Panagiotis Andreou – bass guitar

Thursday, August 17th 2023

20.00 @ ploščad KCJT 


Dunjaluk consists of singer Dunja Bahtijarević and electric guitarist Luka Čapeta, who focus on reinterpreting songs from the Bosnian tradition of sevdah. Dunjaluk looks for the universal in tradition, for that which still resonates today, and translates it into modern musical expression. The sound of Dunjaluk is an abstraction of sounds arising from the language of sevdah, steeped into diverse musical influences, from noise and punk, to jazz and classical techniques. Sevdah has been transformed many times over centuries, and Dunjaluk strives to make the most of that space open to change.

Dunja Bahtijarević moved to Croatia as a refugee from Bosnia. She’s interested in traditional songs and different contexts that can provide them with a new life. She’s constantly looking for her roots, linking past to present to future.

Luka Čapeta has produced and composed music for contemporary dance, theatre and film, and played in different bands and projects. Rooted in electronic, ambient, jazz, and classical music, Luka experiments with traditional and world music, noise, avantgarde aesthetics.

In November 2022, Dunjaluk released their first album. In 2022, they were selected for the MOST Music Programme. In March 2023 they were included in World Music Charts Europe, at #8.


Dunja Bahtijarević – vokal

Luka Čapeta – kitara


21.00 @ ploščad KCJT 


Bojan Zulfikarpašić is a French-based pianist with South Slavic roots. He is a sound expressionist, who combines classical, Balkan and other music into his own personal musical voice. »My personal mantra is that jazz actually isn’t music, it is a relationship with music«, says Bojan, who played with acclaimed French musicians such as Aldo Romano and Michel Portal, but soon began working on his own project and recording albums. He is a recipient of many awards and a few of them stand out – Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres, a title granted by the French government and in 2005 he was granted the title of the »Best European jazz musician«.


Bojan Zulfikarpašić – piano

Friday, August 18th 2023

20.00 @ ploščad KCJT

drumbooty feat. Manivi

drumbooty is a project by the Serbian drummer Pedja Milutinović. His latest album Creality believes in the artist’s capacity to augment their experience of daily reality. Using technology, they can dare to explore further, overcoming limitations of their analogue world. Become more intelligent by relying on intelligent machines to collaborate with others. Creality is an exhibition of how far we have come in this process of letting our musical development be influenced by artificial intelligence. The concert will feature the incredible singer Ivana Vukmirović – Manivi.


Pedja Milutinović – drums

Ivana Vukmirović – Manivi – vocals

Luka Ignjatović – saxophone

Stevan Milijanović – keyboards

Bojan Cvetković – keyboards

Akos Forgacs – bass guitar


21.00 @ ploščad KCJT 

Baba ‘n’ Dica

Baba ‘n’ Dica is an ensemble of 1 woman and 2 men, who recycle the folk music of their grandmothers and grandfathers into an urban turbulence of today’s times. You will dance to folk-tronica, Saban-trap, babushka-pop and subalpine-blues.


Zvezdana Novaković – vocals, electronics, gudalo, ukulele

Nils Rošker – looping, electronics

Danijel Bogataj – violin, guitar, tambura


Saturday, August 19th 2023

20.00 @ ploščad KCJT 


The traditional participants concert on Saturday consists of mentor’s music presented by various workshop ensembles. Every ensemble is different, projecting the mentor’s vision and songs.



ploščad KCJT – Janez Trdina Cultural Centre

Club LokalPatriot – jam sessions every night from 22.00

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