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Vocals: in addition to basic singing techniques, you’ll learn a lot about jazz frasing, the art of improvisation and how to lose the fear. You will make new jazz arrangements and learn about your role in the band and how to work with its members.

JD Walter and Becca Stevens represent the symbiosis of contemporary male and female vocals, JD as a pioneer of vocal effects and Becca Stevens as a fresh face on the world jazz scene Becca worked with the Snarky Puppy group, the legendary David Crosby, and has a project that includes unusual instruments and ensemble with fresh and original compositions.

Piano: students will learn how to obtain such a piano sound as you want to hear it, how to change it with different approaches. You will learn basic and more advanced “voicings” wandered into the world of improvisation …

New teacher is also pianist Fabian Almazan, who combines his deep and strong Cuban tradition with the influence of New York jazz. He is one of the most influential pianists today and with his extraordinary concerts spreads messages about tolerance, peace and integration between people. With his youth and his dedication to music, he is an important new member of the Jazzinty team that brings freshness and new visions.

Trumpet and Brass: learning jazz articulations of soloing, as well as the use of articulation in larger ensembles. You will work on the creation of melodic lines in improvisation and the use of various rhythmic and melodic concepts …

Igor Matkovič completed a Masters degree at the University of Graz. Travelling through Europe and America (particularly New York), he studied with celebrated trumpet players including Stjepko Gut, John Swana, Charles Toliver, Dave Rodgers and Erik Vloemians. As a session musician he recorded over 30 albums in collaboration with different groups across a range of genres. His second album “Sonic Motion”, featuring his own original compositions, was released in 2012. The album was very well received by the Slovenian public, and led Igor to explore a more atmospheric approach. He is currently developing this sound further in collaboration with the acclaimed Polish piano player Marcin Wasilewski.

Saxophone and brass workshop includes learning about sound you can design with your instrument, advanced melodic and rhythmic concepts, understanding the harmony and application of knowledge in improvisation …

Jazz saxophonist David Binney represents a landmark between modern jazz, electronic music and rock / pop music and is considered one of the most pervasive contemporary American composers of jazz music. He is also known for his production work with Donny McCaslin (saxophonist of the late David Bowie) and one of the hottest Los Angeles bands, Knower.

Guitar: A category is intended for all interested in learning about the different styles of play and participation in the band, you will upgrade not only your solo performance, but also how to be a good companion player in band, since most guitarists perform in this role. You will learn different approaches, teaching methods, improvisation …

Norwegian guitarist Lage Lund is a new name in Jazzinty Workshop and is considered one of the most promising musicians in the New York and world jazz scene. Despite his youth, he played with legends of jazz music like Ron Carter, Wynton Marsalis and Maria Schneider.

Double bass, bass guitar: you will learn how to form a bass line, depending on the style of music, how to make a good basis for the whole band, and how to cooperate with the rhythm section …

Born in Malaysia, raised in, Perth, Western Australia, Linda May Han Oh began playing electric bass at the age of fifteen, playing jazz in high school bands, while playing a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers. She received the 2010 Bell Award for Young Australian Artist of the Year. In 2010 she was nominated for the Jazz Journalist’s Awards for Up and Coming Artist of the Year, and received the award of No. 1 Acoustic Bass Rising Star in the Downbeat Critic’s Poll. Linda completed her Masters at the Manhattan School of Music in 2008 studying with Jay Anderson, John Riley, Phil Markowitz, Dave Liebman and Rodney Jones. Linda has performed with the musicians such as Joe Lovano, Steve Wilson, Vijay Iyer, Dave Douglas, Kenny Barron, Fabian Almazan, and Terri Lyne Carrington. She is currently the bassist with guitarist, Pat Metheny. She released 3 solo albums, all critically well acclaimed. Linda is currently working on her second trumpet trio album and an eight-piece group featuring a string quartet.

Drums: you will learn about basic jazz rhythms, polyrhythms, cooperation with the rhythm section, drumming traditions …

Owen Hart Jr. is one of the most wanted drummers on the European jazz scene. Born in Florida, currently living in the Netherlands, he is active at the American (Branford Marsalis) and the European (Michael Moore ensemble) jazz scene. Thanks to many years of teaching at various Conservatories around the Netherlands and as a guest at many world jazz workshops, he is considered as an outstanding pedagogue.

Advanced and professional level of jazz accordion will focus on development of improvised lines, use of rhythmic elements, and comping techniques. Improvisation on this instrument often flirts with ethnic rhythms.

Simone Zanchini is considered as one of the most exciting and innovative artists on the international scene. His research of the sound of accordion moves the boundaries of contemporary music, acoustic and electric sound experimentation, mixing tradition and modern jazz influences. He graduated from the classical accordion at the Conservatory G. Rossini in Pesaro. He has performed at numerous festivals in Italy, international festivals throughout Europe, Russia, Africa and America.

Special addition to workshop is Improvisation theory, composition, and sound art program, led by rising young artist:

The novelty of the 2017 workshop was an additional category which represents an insight into the world of contemporary music. Under the leadership of Dre Hochevar, an established improviser, a composer and the drummer, the category has reached full capacity, with enthusiastic and satisfied participants after the workshop. The category is about basics of historical composition methodology, basics of contemporary/modern composition methodology, creating the first original composition and the analysis.Percussionist, composer and improvisor is realizing individual approach to life and creation through research, practice and performance. He is interested in taking risks, experiencing new challenges and designing solutions that provoke and inspire.

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