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Monday, AUG 12 @ KCJT

Festival opening

at 8 pm

Young Researchers: Gašper Livk in Tisa Neža Herlec

A musical and visual performance of an interdisciplinary tandem. It will deliver its contents through a reinvented system in the plurality of expressive media. DIY electronics, 360°MoogerFooger on the big screen and an impulsive engagement.

Gašper Livk – double bass, electronics

Tisa Neža Herlec – vocals, visuals, electronics

at 9 pm

Dré A. Hočevar Coding of Evidentiality

Presentation of the album Coding of Evidentiality, released by Dre Hočevar in 2015, which is one of the best and most radical approaches to improvised music. Performed by a dream band line-up including Lester St. Louis, a New York cellist and one of the most prominent modern improvisers, and Bram De Looze, a Belgian pianist. The record was produced by Dre’s mentor and legendary drummer Michael Carvin.

Dre Hočevar – drums and composition

Lester St. Louis – cello

Bram De Looze – piano


Entrance: 5€

Tuesday, AUG 13 @ KCJT

at 8 pm

Young Researchers: Gašper Livk Solo

Gašper Livk will present his code in a solo format. The space will be filled by a flock of floating speakers with incompatible personalities.

Gašper Livk – double bass, electronics

at 9. pm

Fabian Almazan & Linda Oh

One of the most fruitful and active duets on the current jazz scene will create an unforgettable evening in an intimate atmosphere. Linda and Fabian will perform songs from their latest albums.


Entrance: 5€


Wednesday, AUG 14 @ KCJT

at 8 pm

Young Researchers  code::source

The band, which came together under the “curatorship” of Gašper Livk, a residential artist in the Young Researchers projects under the artistic direction and mentorship of Dre Hočevar, had its baptism at the Jazz Festival Cerkno 2019 and also performed at the Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2019. The methodology used enables them to be self-generating and independent from the institutional and cultural paradigms.

Gašper Livk – kontrabas, elektronika

Neža Zupanc – flavta, elektronika

Leonard Medica, električna kitara, elektronika

Brina Kren – alt in bariton saksofon

Lenart de Bock – alt in sopran saksofon

Filip Mozetič – bobni, elektronika

at 9. pm

Michael Mayo Solo

One of the most sought-after singers on the New York jazz scene will give us his own take on vocals in the evening of solo concerts. By using effects and electronics, his solo performing style has become his trademark.


Entrance: 5€

Thursday, AUG 15 @ KCJT

at 8. pm

A Different Point of View

A concert by the Jazzinty 2019 workshop mentors, who are going to present the concept “A Different Point of View”. This is an interpretation of evergreen jazz standards performed in a masterful way. A great opportunity to see all the excellent mentors together on the stage.

Roberto Pistolesi – drums

Jonathan Finlayson – trumpet

Tineke Postma – saxophone

Lage Lund – guitar

Linda Oh – bass

Fabian Almazan – piano

Alina Engibaryan – voice

Michael Mayo – voice


Entrance: 5€



Friday, AUG 16 @ KCJT

at 8. pm

Alina Engibaryan Group

The recipient of the first prize of the Montreux Vocal Competition had the opportunity to work with the legendary Al Jarreau, who said that when Alina sings you can hear her heart. She has recently made a record produced by GroundUP Music and Michael League, the bass player and leader of the band Snarky Puppy. On the album “We Are”, Alina is accompanied by the jazz “dream team” of Michael League on bass guitar, Chris Potter on saxophone, Taylor Eigsti on keyboards and Kendrick Scott and Larnell Lewis on drums. Her unique concept of fusion of traditional and modern jazz, makes Alina one of the most promising singers on the world jazz scene. She is going to present her album We Are at Jazzinty with a combination of mentors and Slovenian musicians.

Alina Engibaryan – piano, vocals

Marko Črnčec – piano

Tineke Postma – sax

Roberto Pistolesi – drums

Domen Bohte – el. bass


Entrance: 5€

Saturday, AUG 17 @ KCJT

at 8 pm

Participants Final Concert

This year’s final concert of the participants has been given a makeover. We will hear 9 bands playing the music of each respective mentor. All the participants in the workshop will give their performances as bands, and for the first time, their mentors will be playing with them. There will be the following thematic bands: Vocal, European, Guitar, New York, Film, Swing, M-Base, Composition, Basic Ensemble.


Every day between 2 pm and 4 pm @ Galerija Simulaker

Open Space

The Live Stream innovative platform, intended for workshop participants and interested members of the public, is meant for solo performances and interactive broadcasting on social networks. The music in the gallery will be accompanied by an exhibition of the Fotopub festival.


Every evening between 10 pm and 2 am @ KCJT


It represents a new form of traditional jam sessions. Six evening sessions are planned from Monday to Saturday, which are primarily a part of the pedagogical process, intended for participants and mentors of the workshop as well as other guests.

Free Entrance

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