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Pedagogical & non-pedagogical programs

Wake up Tuning

Morning meeting with all the participants includes meditation and sonic preparation for the whole-day workshop activities. Participants and mentors will exchange ideas and visions for the current day, which will give them the opportunity for the maximum efficiency in the educational process.

Combo Rehearsals

Each student will have an opportunity to be active in one of the Jazzinty combos, which will prepare different programs with their mentors. Rehearsals will take place in the morning at the Music School and LokalPatriot Club. The ensembles are put together regarding the preferences of the participants and the capacity of the ensembles. The participants can choose (1. first choice, 2. second choice) among theme combos.

  • Dre Hočevar Composition Ensemble
  • Becca Stevens / JD Walter Vocal Ensemble
  • David Binney Los Angeles Ensemble
  • Lage Lund Guitar Ensemble
  • Linda Oh New York Ensemble
  • Fabian Almazan Film Ensemble
  • Simone Zanchini Free Ensemble
  • Owen Hart Jr. Groove Ensemble
  • Igor Matković ECM Ensemble


The lectures are based on the different segments of the jazz creative process: composition, management, touring, contemporary music practices, using effects, odd-time rhythmic structures …

Individual Mentor Lessons

The individual lessons take place every afternoon in the Music School. The lessons are based on the knowledge and skillset of the students and are divided by the mentors into one-on-one or group lessons.

Playground – Jam Sessions

The integral part of the educational programe are night jam sessions. The stage is available from 22.00 in the atrium of the club LokalPatriot. The participants have a chance to perfrom with their colleagues, mentors and other guests. The applications for the jam-sessions are set in motion during the daily activities in the music school.

Festival Concerts

The same week a jazz festival will take place in Novo mesto. The programe contains premiere performances of the most perspective Slovenian composers, protagonists of the European jazz scene, the final participants concert and night jam-sessions.

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