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Monday, 14th August at 10.00 (Cultural Centre Janez Trdina)

Ana Čop in Domen Bohte – Introduction lecture: What, where, how … 

Monday’s introductory lecture is mainly a meet and greet for all the mentors and the students. Ana and Domen will present this year’s edition of the workshop and festival and give students more detailed information about the schedule and exact locations of the events. At the lecture, you will meet your mentors and find out which combo group you are in, so participation is recommended.


Tuesday, 15th August at 14.00 (Music School)

Hayden ChisholmThe Balkan Real Book: The Art of Transformation 

Since moving to Belgrade, Hayden Chisholm has taken Balkan traditional songs and set them in a way jazz musicians can improvise them. In the lecture, he will present ways in which we can use traditional material in a jazz context, how the musical material can be transformed in a meaningful way, and how to adapt musically to new cultures and expand our musical vocabulary.


Wednesday, 16th August at 14.00 (Music School)

Fuensanta – The art of songwriting: How a thought can become a song

Singer and composer Fuensanta will open her creative world for us and present her views on songwriting. She will talk about how to craft a thought or a vague inspiration into a song and present us with some of her personal tools and exercises.


Thursday, 17th August at 14.00 (Music School)

Arthur HnatekMusic is modular: space between jazz, pop and electronics

Drummer and producer Arthur Hnatek is walking between writing for string quartets, orchestras, pop bands, electronics and more. He will introduce us to his modular set and talk about the incorporation of electronics in his music.


Friday, 18th August at 14.00 (Music School)

Panagiotis Andreou – Music journey through Balkans and the near east

The multi-genre musician Panagiotis Andreou, known for always fusing various influences of world music, will this time focus on his own Greek roots and present us with rhythms, modes and history of the south Balkan music, crossing the borders to the Near East.


Saturday, 19th August at 14.00 (Music School)

Jason Lindner & Pedro Martins – What’s on your playlist: Listening Session 

The week’s final lecture will enrich your playlists! From jazz to techno, to world music and beyond. Two versatile music encyclopedias Jason Lindner and Pedro Martins will host a listening session and present us with their favourite music gems.


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