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Jazzinty workshop is an intensive one-week music education academy open to all who are interested in improvisation and jazz. Basic instrumental competence is required; experience and knowledge in jazz is not obligatory. Workshops are attended by up to 100 participants, coming from practically all European countries, the U.S. and even Indonesia, Korea and Africa. The essential characteristics that distinguish it from similar music workshops are as follows:

  • Pedagogical programs are established and led by systematically selected mentors, internationally recognized music educators and active musicians coming from different European music academies as well as from the hot New York jazz scene.
  • Condensed one-week educational program at the highest level, which runs from the basic, advanced and all the way to professional differentiation, with an emphasis on individual work and stimulation of personal musical expression.
  • Participants have the unique ability to create music in the international combo ensembles, led by their mentors and formed on auditions. Performing with musical colleagues from around the world is an invaluable experience for young musicians.
  • Through relaxed, informal between mentors, students and other audiences, Jazzinty enables building of bridges and contacts. Jazzinty is often the foundation for the creation of new musical projects, international collaborations or first information for jazz studies abroad.
  • Jazzinty features 22 years of organizational tradition, which is reflected in the consistently implemented educational programs, events and concerts with professional infrastructure and technical capacities.

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