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Trumpet: Igor Matkovic (SLO)

Trumpet and Brass: learning jazz articulations of soloing, as well as the use of articulation in larger ensembles. You will work on the creation of melodic lines in improvisation and the use of various rhythmic and melodic concepts …

Igor Matkovič completed a Masters degree at the University of Graz. Travelling through Europe and America (particularly New York), he studied with celebrated trumpet players including Stjepko Gut, John Swana, Charles Toliver, Dave Rodgers and Erik Vloemians. As a session musician he recorded over 30 albums in collaboration with different groups across a range of genres. His second album “Sonic Motion”, featuring his own original compositions, was released in 2012. The album was very well received by the Slovenian public, and led Igor to explore a more atmospheric approach. He is currently developing this sound further in collaboration with the acclaimed Polish piano player Marcin Wasilewski.

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