Educational program of workshops

Individual mentor guided programs

Mentor-guided programs take place each morning at the music school, and include formats like master classes, short clinics for topics like advanced improvisation and composition as well as level-differentiated instrumental lessons in groups and one-on-one.

Individual lessons


Each afternoon Jazzinty offers basic and advanced lectures as part of a weeklong series concentrating on various aspects of jazz playing and singing, including basic and advanced jazz theory lessons, topics in melodic improvisation, rhythm section playing, rhythm training, time-feel training through singing and much more. Lectures are open to all participants.


Lectures programe: 


12.00 - 13.00 Introductory lecture


14.00 - 14.45 Basic Jazz Harmony I.

15.00 - 15.45 My Rhythm Sections


14.00 - 14.45 Basic Jazz Harmony I.

15.00 - 15.45 My Jazz Scene


14.00 - 14.45 Basic Jazz Harmony I.

15.00 - 15.45 My Creative Process


14.00 - 14.45 Basic Jazz Harmony I.

14.00 - 16.00 African-American Legacy


14.30 - 15.30 Closing lecture: Music & Life

Combo rehearsals

Each student will have an opportunity to be active in one of the Jazzinty combos, which will prepare different programs with their mentors. Rehearsals will take place in the afternoon at the Music School and LokalPatriot Club.



Jam sessions

An integral part of Jazzinty are the series of afternoon and evening jam sessions at the Novo mesto Main Square and LokalPatriot Club. The stage is reserved for the Jazzinty students and mentors until the wee hours every night.

Jam Session

Festival concerts

During the same week a jazz festival will take place whose program consists of mentors and participants concerts, Jazzon award final concert, the final concert of the participants, accompanying program and an afternoon and evening jam sessions.


Jazzon Finals

Jazzon is primarily a professional award for jazz composition, which is awarded by the expert commission every year at the Festival Jazzinty. In the first stage of the competition, jazz bands, in agreement with the authors, can apply with one composition. Pre-selection jury chooses 3 songs and 3 bands, who will participate at the finals. In the second phase chosen bands will perform on the final concert Jazzon LIVE. An international jury will grant The Composition Award and Performance Award. Audience Award will be chosen by ballots by the visitors of the concert.